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Write Away

07 Mar

I took my own advice and decided to sign up for each of the sites I mentioned in my ‘Designer Facebook‘ post in order to follow through with my proposal about the need for companies to hire designers.  Now that I am getting settled into my full-time job, I am hoping to get back into freelance designing again with my free time.  Having previously freelanced solely through networking, I had not been introduced to an important part of the freelance world: writing a proposal.

Luckily I am taking a writing course right now because the second step listed under ‘how it works’ on Elance is ‘Submit a Proposal’.  If you were not lucky enough to have just finished the ‘writing proposals’ section of a class when realizing you may actually have to write proposals, there are a few online resources that can help you out.  Including a $24/month app that will practically write the proposal for you!  Now that I have experience and a better knowledge of proposals, I feel more confident to begin my online job search than if I had signed up for these sites a month ago.


YouTime Is A Changing

01 Mar

What makes puzzles the enduring form of entertainment that they still are today?  It is the ability of the user to take part in the creation of the image.  Although the user did not sit down in front of a camera or an easel and capture the picture themselves, they somehow feel connected or involved because it is through their correct placement, or incorrect placement, of the pieces that the image is seen.  This is the same concept that digital designers today are trying to capture with the newly popular interactive experience of web.  YouTube videos can go viral in a matter of seconds and get more views than the most popular movies.

The strong existence of narratives on the web does not point to the end of books.  Reading a favorite piece of fiction still allows the reader the control to create the characters and the world they are reading about all on their own in his or her imagination. This is why many people are often disappointed when they go see a book made into a movie, because at that point they no longer have control of the world and the characters that they had once created themselves.  This has been the same with videos distributed through the web, until now.  YouTube is now giving designers and editors the ability to create “choose your own adventure” style videos.  It is definitely going to revolutionize the web videos you will be seeing, and this is only the beginning.  This small adjustment allows the user to have some control in the direction that the story goes next and makes the user feel more involved with more visual impact than if he or she had just been reading it in a book.

Here is a quick sneak peek to give you an idea. Keep a lookout for the work in progress!


Designer Facebooks

28 Feb

It isn’t just what you know, and it isn’t just who you know. It’s actually who you know, who knows you, and what you do for a living.-Bob Burg

When you think of social networking Facebook is one of the first sites to come to mind.  It is great personal source for keeping in touch with acquaintances, and promotional source for companies and groups.  LinkedIn is also a trusted site that many use, but does not have a lot of design related content.  As a freelance designer looking to promote yourself and your work these may not be the best options for you.  Sites like CreativeFolks, Behance Network,  and Elance may be better suited for your needs.  These are creative professional specific social networking sites directly connecting those looking for work and the clients.

With these sites you create profiles that act as portfolios to easily display your work to potential clients.  A variety of design jobs are listed in multiple formats. These sites give you options like applying directly to posted positions using your portfolio, submitting proposals directly to clients, or offering bids on posed projects.  From there the client can decide who they wish to hire for the job.  These sites also offer competitions that can earn you money, publicity, and recognition in the design world.  Bottom line, in this tough economy jobs are all about networking. To use social networking to its fullest potential you need to use the sites that will best suite your needs, and these are the sites  I suggest.


Dealing It Out Through Facebook

28 Feb

If we get to 30K fans by New Year’s Eve – we are posting a free admission coupon valid all week 1/8 thru 1/13!-Chunky’s Cinema Pub

Facebook pages for companies are the newest trend, but many companies still have not figured out how to use these pages to their full potential.  Chunky’s is a company that has done it right.  If you want to get action on your Facebook page you need to keep people coming to it; new people and old friends.  To do this you need to give them a reason to keep coming back.  Chunky’s consistently updates their status’s and has used their Facebook page to launch a number of deals and promotions to those who are active on their Facebook page, and those who bring in new members.  They recently started a “Deal of the Month” program where they partner with other local companies to offer a monthly deal to the first (certain number) of customers.  The first deal they offered was a $72.50 value for only $40 available to the first 250 customers and sold out within the first day of being posted.  That sounds like a successful campaign to me!

Once I convince Quinnipiac to include the ICM program in their trips to Nicaragua my target audience will primarily be the students. Chunky’s has demonstrated that Facebook can be great for marketing and promotion.  With students as my target audience, whom Facebook was initially created for, it can be even more beneficial for promotional purposes.  I am still not completely sold on Twitter, but once I use Facebook to build up a support group for the program, I can use Twitter to update everyone on the progress.  This will be particularly beneficial to track my capstone project when I travel to Nicaragua with Quinnipiac to introduce what the students in the ICM program can do to help the people of Nicaragua.


Shaping Up To Be A Pretty Cool Design

21 Feb

“Good design, at least part of the time, includes the criterion of being direct in relation to the problem at hand – not obscure, trendy, or stylish. A new language, visual or verbal, must be couched in a language that is already understood.” -  Ivan Chermayeff a designer, it is sometimes difficult to face the fact that there is a distinct difference between what looks good and what is a good design, particularly when it comes to product design.  I found a site with 30 Bizarre and Creative Packaging Design Examples showing product designs with interesting and sometimes simple concepts that create an extremely unique look.  When you look into the description of  each of the designs there is a lot of thought put into the concept behind the design itself. The concept behind the design might not stand out on its own but will definitely get the consumer’s attention.  For example, the milk carton design to the left was designed to be the same dimension as a 2L milk carton while representing the products content as simple as possible through the word and image.  Another product design on the site was a dispenser for “Dino Gum” shaped like a dinosaur’s jaw echoing the thought that dinosaurs must have had strong teeth to go along with their strong bites.

The extremely creative designs that were displayed on this site were interesting to look at, and even more interesting to learn the inspiration behind the design.  Especially for new products, it is important to create a package design that will catch the consumers eye.  However, the designer must remember that once they have convinced the consumer to purchase the product through the look, the design needs to be easy to use so the consumer comes back to buy it again.


Inspiring World

14 Feb

“Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” – Jamie Paolinetti

little_people_street_art_3Inspiration lives all around us. All we need to do is allow is to enter our lives.  When you pay attention to details and apply your imagination the simplest elements, like a dead bug on the sidewalk, become a brilliant concept.  I have found that the more I learn about design the closer I look at EVERYTHING around me.  In particular the works of other designers that I find inspiring.

Along with the “little people” hunter photo above.  I found a Valentines day  ’share the love’happy_valentines_day_street_art_love_1 image on the same site.  An extremely creative yet completely simple design that takes a concept ” take all the love you need” and puts it in literal form making it a cute, humorous and brilliant design!  Once again simple concept, simple design, great execution.  Looks easy, but it never is.  Keep your eyes open because the first step to a successful design concept is inspiration.  And inspiration is everywhere.


Don’t Keep It to Yourself

08 Feb

The Internet is just a world passing around notes in a classroom.”  -Jon Stewart

As a student sitting in class the power is in your hands.  You have a professor and the tools to learn or you can zone out and do whatever you want.  As a student surfing the web the ball is once again in your court.  The Internet can be all fun and games, a brain-numbing web of senselessness, where the absurd become instantly famous.  However, like a classroom, if used to it’s full potential, the Internet can be a great source of education.

It is a resource where you can instantly be inspired by the work of others or receive critiques from others viewing your work.  Either way the speed of the response and the volume of viewers that can be reached makes the Internet a perfect setting to clear your brain and test your ideas.


Dad Says.. Clean Your Room!

31 Jan

“The answer is to clear our heads of clutter.”William Zinsser


The author of this quote went on to state that “Clear thinking becomes clear writing; one can’t exist without the other”.  In my previous post “What’s This All About?” I mentioned  I find writing clears my head, almost a reverse of what Zinsser was stating, it is the process of writing, and reading through afterwards, that helps to clear my thinking.

More Than Meets the Eye

Now Zinsser was obviously discussing ways to improve your writing, but it is interesting how this simple quote applies to life in so many other ways.  Last week I read a classmates Blog post titled “Stop, Drop, and Roll” that got you ready for a great start to the new year by ridding yourself of the people around you who cause this “clutter”.  When Facebook first added the “News Feed” I was extremely annoyed because it was just more unnecessary clutter.  I wouldn’t normally go searching friend after friend to see exactly who is doing or thinking what, but with one peek at my screen I suddenly find out what ten different friends are up to without doing anything. The problem with society today is all the unnecessary clutter filling our brains does not need to be there, but is just harder to ignore.

The struggle that we often times do not realize and have to figure out in our lives in order to write clear, think clear, or just move on with a happier new year is what exactly in your life is causing your “clutter”.  Once you are able to figure this out everything will become a lot clearer.


What’s This All About?

31 Jan

“Experience is a great teacher.”John Legend


Who better to write about your experiences in life than yourself? That is why I created My Interesting Opinion on Things, a Blog that collects my experiences and shares them all in one place. In many cases my posts take a look into graphic design, my path towards a job in this field and the bumps in the road, or the work of another that I have found inspiring.  Many of the posts have been made for classes, which would be included in the ‘path towards a job’ description, or possibly the ‘bumps in the road’, depending on the class.

Who Thinks About These Things?


I am a thinker.  Something that may seem simple and straightforward to others may lead to a whole other world of thought for me.  I try to use My Interesting Opinion on Things to organize and emphasize points ofinterest from the maze of thoughts that are in my brain.  Design is an ever-evolving field and as a designer I need to stay up to date on not only my skills, but also different styes that are becoming popular.  The web allows me to instantly view the work of other designers, and many times the opinions of others in response to this work.  When I have the chance to reflect on what I have discovered, I am then able to analyze what I felt worked that could inspire my work in the future and elements that I felt hurt the piece and I should steer clear of.

This Blog has been my way of charting my process throughout my college career as well as my search for a full-time position in the field of graphic design. I know I learn best from experience, so I hope that what I have learned from my past experience will be found useful to those in similar situations or just provoke thought in others.


Site Safety

22 Nov

After looking any many of the legal and ethical issues involved in creating a site, particularly one high in user involvement, it is important to address some of the needs we are going to have to consider when planning the site.

First off, Terms of Use seems to be a safety net that is a good idea to include in most sites nowadays in order to avoid any conflicts that may arise.

DMCA Notice may also be a good idea to include since users will have the ability to upload images and videos to the site.

It is definitely going to be necessary to have a Privacy Policy for the site as the user will need to provide a good deal of personal information for the site to work appropriately.

Finally, we will need to create a set of Community Expectations for the site, particularly because it is planned to be a professional setting that is going to include and give access to high school athletes in order to contact college coaches and teams.