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Final Portfolio Site

30 Apr

Site went live yesterday!

I still need to make some adjustments on the coding to accommodate all of the browsers, there are a couple issues in firefox, but the design is solid. Each window should have a consistent design, navigation and logo stays the same its just the right side of the screen and the bottom that shift, so if it looks weird and inconsistent when you’re looking at it it’s probably not supposed to be that way! :) Trying it in another browser may fix the problem. Let me know what everyone thinks! Comments and criticisms are appreciated, this is an important site for me!


Inspirational Site Critique

18 Apr

Picture 1

The site above is one of the sites that I bookmarked as inspiration for my portfolio site.  I really liked the grid structure and the screenshot that was created when you rolled over the links.  Another element that I found interesting from his work page that I am considering adjusting to fit the elements within my site is the color change of the screenshots that are links to work from a duo-tone image to a full color image.  I think it really helps to blend each element together overall, and make them stand out when needed, in order to help create a visual hierarchy.

As much as I was inspired by pieces within this site there are quite a few elements that I do not feel work well design-wise and that I strongly dislike as a user.  Number one on the list of Layout Sins is “Things That Blink Incessantly”, and although the content on the splash page does not ‘blink’ the continuous motion is very distracting and unpleasant. I think visually the creator of this site made a gorgeous and well designed site, but as a user I feel there are still a lot of elements that are missing and annoying to the user.  So after reviewing the pros and cons to the design of the site I will help use what I discovered from this site in creating my own portfolio site.


Fiiinneee I give in…

04 Apr

“Unless you are an interface God don’t experiment on your portfolio. Make your navigation easy to find” -Cynthia Baron

Picture 2Picture 3Ever since I settled on the basic design of my portfolio site I have been pretty set on having this creative navigation with rollovers overlaid over my logo that would only show when rolling over each filmstrip.  It was creative and unique, yet I still felt it was a good deal obvious or at least easy to find for the user.  The major issue I have had with this navigation has been trying to figure out how to create the rollovers that overlay on top of each other in an uneven pattern without creating a Flash site.  Web design is personally my least skilled and the least enjoyed area of design, and the experience I have had has all primarily been with linear based navigation.

A Metaphor for Success

sketchesCynthia Baron’s chapter on Designing a Digital Interface from her book Designing a Digital Portfolio finally had some words of wisdom, that I had probably already heard from multiple other sources, that knocked some sense into me.  The purpose of this chapter in general terms was to help the designer to understand his or her purpose for creating the site and find a “metaphor” or combination, that will help make this purpose consistent throughout the site.  Ms. Baron said to “avoid a portfolio interface that is so intricate it feels like you have forgotten it’s purpose for existence, your projects”.  After reflecting on Cynthia Baron’s tips, my own personal preference, and what I have gotten from feedback, I finally decided that it may be most beneficial to rework my original design in order to have a consistent linear navigation.  With this in mind I have begun creating sketches and comps of what my new site design will look like and will begin applying it soon.


Lost in the Mix

03 Apr

man-storyWith digital cameras and cell phones that take relatively high resolution pictures in the hands of practically everyone age twelve and up, the beauty and emotion of a good photograph often gets lost in the mix these days.  In Gasping for Life & The Kiss this beauty and emotion is once again brought to light and discussed in detail.  This post highlights two incredibly powerful images as well as the strength of contrast within an image as both images are black and white with strong contrast between. I thought the authors description of each image and the emotions that it evoked were right on.  There is so much pain in the world that often goes unnoticed or gets brushed aside but images such as the “gasping for life” image shown above bring this pain to light and make it incredibly hard to ignore.

Kourtneycover-222x300Real Versus Fake

With the ability to manipulate photos with programs like Photoshop the reality of images is often questioned  and the surreal shows up more than the real. Seeking the Truth discussed this in the post about altered photos with the example of Kourtney Kardashian on the cover of OK. It is commonly known that magazine covers often manipulate their photos, although those are not the exact same photos, it is likely that the cover was still edited as they often are.  It is sad that these are the kinds of images that get all of the attention these days where the images mentioned above, especially the gasping for life image, show the powerful effect that a REAL image can have.


Hey! That’s Not What I Chose!?

01 Apr

ASN2-ACBeing a designer and having a close relationship with color can be very rewarding but plenty frustrating.  I am sure I am not the only one who has had a number of times when I  have gone back and forth for days (or even weeks) between which color scheme I like better on a certain project only to have it projected on the screen in class or printed out and seem to be an entirely different shade, or color altogether, than I had intended.

Jackson Pollock's Original Work

Jackson Pollock's Original Work

In the TV chart to the right that I created for one of my typography projects reflecting the work of Jackson Pollock, shown on the left, I tried to replicate the color from his original painting which seems to be more powerful than a simple grey.  However when printed on my ink-jet printer at home the color seemed just that, a simple grey without a hint of any other color within it.  On the screen the color seems to have a hint of green, which when reading more about the relationship between colors may just be a result of the colors around it.

The reason I chose this piece of work for the project to begin with over his other pieces of artwork was because it stood out strongly among the rest. After reviewing his posters at, each image has a fairly similar design, it is the color combination that makes each unique.  I found this selection of white, black, and a cool, calm green with a hint of grey and blue to be beautiful and calming compared to all of his other work.  Each of the posters has a different feel to it despite having a similar look.  It’s amazing the difference that colors can make!