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07 Mar

I took my own advice and decided to sign up for each of the sites I mentioned in my ‘Designer Facebook‘ post in order to follow through with my proposal about the need for companies to hire designers.  Now that I am getting settled into my full-time job, I am hoping to get back into freelance designing again with my free time.  Having previously freelanced solely through networking, I had not been introduced to an important part of the freelance world: writing a proposal.

Luckily I am taking a writing course right now because the second step listed under ‘how it works’ on Elance is ‘Submit a Proposal’.  If you were not lucky enough to have just finished the ‘writing proposals’ section of a class when realizing you may actually have to write proposals, there are a few online resources that can help you out.  Including a $24/month app that will practically write the proposal for you!  Now that I have experience and a better knowledge of proposals, I feel more confident to begin my online job search than if I had signed up for these sites a month ago.


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