Where Was the World Before..

07 Mar

Where was the world before google?  Today if you forget the words to a song, wonder why we change the clocks back, or try to figure out what other movies the actor you are watching was in, all you have to do is ‘google it’!  Yes, these are all random things I’ve googled in the past few days.

As a designer google is particularly helpful.  Often times you know what you want to make your design look like in your mind, but don’t know quite how to make that happen.  There are too many filters and effects, especially with plug-ins, you are bound to forget a few that may have helped.  There are also usually multiple ways to create the same look and by knowing them all you can choose the best, and fastest, way.  Easiest way to do this?  Google of course!  Simply google what you are trying to accomplish and there is almost always multiple blogs, YouTube videos, or tutorials that can help you do it.

There are also sites like Creative Cow and that are dedicated to creating tutorials that can take you from a newbie to a professional in the program of your choice., is very interactive.  Depending on your membership you can download files to follow along with the tutorials, quickly search by different categories, and easily see what tutorials you have completed.  If they do not have tutorials on the program you are searching for they are open to suggestions and may create a whole new section of tutorials based on your suggestion!


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