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11 Mar

Growing up you are taught there is a right way and a wrong way to do things.  School is supposed to teach you the right way.  So all through your education you are taught strict guidelines that you are required to follow and lessons that are ingrained into your brain.  Until you grow up, go to college, get a job, and realize that depending on what you decide to do with your life, a good deal of this information probably won’t help you.  I am a graphic designer.  The majority of what I use in my career I learned in college and everything I learned before then just got me to college.

Education is extremely important, but the world is changing and this needs to be taken into consideration.  I’m not saying there should be ‘texting 101′ classes, but the majority of us will find good use for a class that teaches you to simplify your writing using clear thoughts, or the dangers and benefits of creating an online presence.  The truth is a lot of what you would learn in these classes would go against what you may have learned in middle school.  Does that make it wrong?  Absolutely not, just different.  Would you have continued reading my Blog if my post began…

Growin up u are taught theres a right way n a wrong way 2 do things.

How about if I started with…

As students go through elementary school, middle school, and then high school, teachers educate the students that there is a correct way and an incorrect way to do things in life.

My guess is you probably wouldn’t have continued past either of these sentences.  There is a way to sound educated while still using a supposedly ‘informal’ and simpler style of writing that obviously has not been used in the above examples.  This is what is important in today’s society.  Blogs give everyone the ability to make their writing public.  Twitter and Facebook status’s force the writer to keep it short.   And the online world in general has created a whole new means for writing.

When creating your online presence, whether it is simply to search for jobs, network, or establish yourself and your business, you are going to need to write, and your writing will be what defines you.  You will need to have a simple, consistent online voice, something that I have recently come to understand much better.  As a freelance designer, I need to write proposals, estimates, invoices, descriptions, and consistently update my online presence through my blog, social networking sites, and my portfolio site.  All in addition to the cover letters and resumes that all professionals have to write at some point.  When I first began presenting myself online through my writing I struggled to see it as something people would want to read, so I often hid behind the graphics and the writing of others.  I would struggle writing my cover letters and resume feeling like I was inappropriately bragging by acknowledging my accomplishments.  I now understand the best ways to present myself to an online audience and which platforms will be the most useful to accomplish this.  I have become comfortable and confident with my online voice and proudly stand beside my writing rather than hiding behind the graphics that use to accompany it.

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