The Neverending Story

04 May

” Your portfolio is never really finished until you stop creating.  It’s merely a stage in your constant journey to better work and more satisfaction.” – Cynthia Baron

It is about that time!  Time to have a working portfolio that can represent me when I am present as well as when “thequotes,quote,inspiration,design,heart-ffe396a8836dead6c7ef0f4442c50e74_h portfolio must speak for” me.  I have made it through the planning, designing, and production stages of creating my portfolio, now all that is left is the cleaning and keep up work in order to keep my portfolio up to date and properly representing me.  The portfolio I have created so far consists of a website containing my reel as well as other examples of my work, my business card, letterhead, envelope, and resume, and a DVD of my reel within a hand made case.  I have tested everything as recommended and found that there are still a couple updates that I need to make, but that the majority of my portfolio is in working order.

“Belief Makes Things True”

As a designer you need to believe in your own work.  This does not mean brag and pitch yourself, it means be honest, be yourself, show interest and enthusiasm, and be proud of the work you have created.  Design is a passionate career choice, when it is something you love this passion comes through in your work.  If the client can see this clearly in the way you present your work this may even help you get hired for a job.  The most useful piece of interview information that I found pertaining to preparation and rehearsing for the interview is to have a “sequence”  planned for presenting your work this will allow you to be prepared but not memorized.  This will once again allow you to be professional but personable and proud of your work.


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